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Mundu Guri djana-y_ICOPA 2026_Artwork_high res.jpg

Bid Artwork

Mundu Guri djana-y_ICOPA 2026_Artwork_high res.jpg
Bernard Singleton.webp

Artwork Statement

When we heal our physical and mental well-being we say "Mundu Guri Dijana-y" Our Spirit is Standing Well. This Artwork represents the connection we have to country and how healing country in turn helps to heal our physical state.


Culture teaches us that what you see, hear, touch, taste and smell not only changes our mood, but also how the immune system is working. Designs on the Sydney Harbour Bridge represent the traditional "Fishbone design" of my country and below the practice of staying on one path and keeping aligned with our daily practices.


Meet the Artist, Bernard Singleton

The ICOPA XVI artwork and logo was designed by Indigenous artist Bernard Singleton. Bernard comes from the Yirrganyji people, who are one of the traditional owner groups of the Cairns area located in Tropical Far North Queensland, Australia.

He was raised in the small Aboriginal community of Coen, Cape York. Bernard’s mother is a Djabuguy woman born in Mona Mona mission and his father is an Umpila (east coast Cape York)/Yirrkandji man from Yarrabah mission. He is a visual artist, performer and curator.

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