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Education and Outreach

The Federation’s focus on knowledge exchange through research and outreach activities aligns with the Society’s commitment to support outreach activities for students, Indigenous communities, and the public. An important focus for ICOPA XVI will be on Indigenous immersive outreach events that highlight the work of Indigenous scientists and artists, exploring themes of parasites and health.

Global outreach

Virtual access and travel grants

ICOPA XVI will offer delegates from developing nations, who are unable to travel to Australia to attend the congress XVI in person, virtual access to plenary sessions and select sessions relevant to their area of interest and expertise. Virtual delegates will also have an opportunity to participate in the scientific program and the Early Career Researcher mentoring program, virtual early career researcher attendees will be buddied up with in-person attendees to facilitate connection to peers and first-hand conversations on ICOPA XVI.

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Public outreach and education

Embracing diversity will be a central theme to ICOPA XVI and captured through tailored outreach events to showcase the diversity of not only parasites but the people who study them.

National Science Week

ICOPA XVI will coincide with Australia’s premier science outreach event – National Science Week, and the Sydney Science Festival. School groups will be invited to attend ICOPA XVI for a plenary presentation as part of a special ICOPA XVI School Outreach Day. Throughout the day they will be mentored by PhD students, meet the authors of select scientific posters, and enjoy a hands-on science workshop about parasites, all within this outreach experience.

Industry breakfast

The Society will engage with the local NSW Scientific Business community to highlight and promote parasitology research with potential or current industry links through a networking breakfast event held during ICOPA XVI which will be attended by both industry and science representatives.
Through these programs ICOPA XVI delegates will be inspired to see people passionate about science education and outreach to promote parasitology research and to encourage more budding, enthusiastic parasitologists to join the workforce.

Queering Parasites

In collaboration with Australia’s LGBTQIA+ science community through Queers in Science will be a science trail event called Queering Parasites where LGBTQIA+ parasitologists will showcase their research or queer themes associated with their parasite systems.

General public

The general public will be able to immerse themselves in parasitology through presentations and hands-on activities, art-science programs including public displays of children’s art depicting parasites, and national competitions.


Celebrating First Nations

The Society recognises that First Nations people have occupied and cared for this continent for over 65,000 years and we work towards supporting the national reconciliation movement in Australia. Celebrations are held around Australia each July to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The Society has partnered with the Taronga Conservation Society to deliver an immersive outreach event as part of ICOPA XVI for Indigenous school students. This event will enable First Nations students to interact with scientists and engage in hands-on science activities about parasites. First Nations scientists will lead the development and delivery of these immersive events.

Virtual Reality Veterinary Parasitology Experience

Federation University researchers will set up their Virtual Reality Veterinary Parasitology Experience during ICOPA XVI for conference delegates and students involved in the ICOPA XVI Outreach program to use.

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