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The Australian Society for Parasitology Inc. (the Society) was founded in 1964 to bring together all those in Australia and in many other countries interested in parasites and parasitic diseases of humans and animals.

The Society is active in all aspects of the science of parasitology and in education and lobbying for parasitological issues. The Society fosters the establishment and proper curation of collections of Australian parasites, facilitates discussion, promotes investigation and advances the knowledge of parasitology. Today, the Society presents prizes for university students studying parasitology, and an extensive range of travel awards and bursaries are given to students and overseas visiting lecturers. Premier amongst the Society’s offerings is the Bancroft-Mackerras Medal for Excellence in the science of parasitology.


This medal commemorates the Bancroft-Mackerras dynasty, which began the study of parasites in Australia in the 1860’s. The Society is a vibrant and active scientific society that makes a significant contribution to the scientific and educational community of Australia.The Society was proud to host ICOPA in Melbourne (2010) and Brisbane (1986). The ICOPA 2010 congress was a resounding success and attracted over 1,700 Federation members from 194 member countries. The largest delegations attended from Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Iran, Japan, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States. The congress has never been held in Sydney, and we look forward to building on our previous success to host ICOPA XVI in Sydney, Australia’s global city and innovation hub that is home to world-class parasitology research.

Bid Organising Committee

Bid Leaders

Rebecca Traub.jpg

Prof Rebecca Traub

President, Australian Society for Parasitology Inc.
Professor in Veterinary Parasitology,

Veterinary Biosciences, University of Melbourne 

Kevin Saliba.jpg

Prof Kevin Saliba

Head of the Division of

Biomedical Science and Biochemistry,

Research School of Biology, 
Australian National University

Committee Members

Nick Smith colour.jpg

Prof Nick Smith

Discipline Leader and Professor,

Biology and Biotechnology,
University of Technology Sydney


Lisa Jones

Secretary & Executive Officer,

Australian Society for Parasitology Inc. 

Dr Aleta Knowles

Head of Clinical Research

and Regulatory Affairs,

Virbac Australia 

cameron_raw photo.jpg
Adele-Lehane-photo high res cr.jpg
Michelle Power.jfif
Aleta Knowles (3).jpg

Dr Adele Lehane

A/Prof Michelle Power

Dr Cameron Raw

Senior Lecturer,

of Biomedical Science and Biochemistry,

Australian National University

Associate Professor,

Department of Biological Sciences, Macquarie University

Veterinarian & PhD Candidate,

Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, 
University of Melbourne

Scientific Committee

The Local and International organising committees will be established in due course should Sydney’s bid be successful.

We are committed to establishing an organising committee that is intentionally diverse - in expertise, gender, culture, ethnicity, geographic origin, career stage and viewpoint. We believe diversity is fundamental to a creative, functional and successful organising committee, which will in turn fulfil everything we hope to achieve with ICOPA 2026 in Sydney.


We will use the organising committee as a platform to create opportunities for early career researchers wishing to gain experience in conference organisation, thereby advancing their career.  A number of positions on both the local and international committee will be reserved for early career researchers who self-nominate. Selection will be via a competitive process which applies the diversity principles outlined above. These committee members will be mentored by experienced members of the committee, ensuring these early career researchers are not only positively contributing to a successful ICOPA, but also gaining valuable experience in the process.

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